I look at photography as a way to create different views of the everyday, and to create aesthetically pleasing images from ordinary, often overlooked surroundings. My personal works include images from nature as well as man-made subjects. I find that origin in photography is ambiguous. An inorganic structure, when viewed in a different context, can defy the pre-conceived notions of the naked eye and transform into something completely different and I feel I prove this concept through my work.
I feel, to be a successful artist you must have the ability to capture, through your composition, images that move and inspire. I transfer my interest in photography to works by other artists by offering retouching (for samples see Retouching) and printing (see printing your image) services. All my printing is done on Archival paper and large scale print jobs are welcome. I will work with any artist to create the best image possible by retouching, color editing, and contrast work. To order a print or request more information about my services and pricing feel free to contact me anytime.